Why are Redeemer members so excited about BPM?

BPM is a wonderful opportunity to grow personally, to be refreshed and rejuvenated in your faith, to grow in leadership skills, to hear new and fresh ideas for ministry and to connect with other LCMS members from across the country.  It is also a great time to spend with our Redeemer family members that are attending; to create new and deeper friendships and strengthen our bonds.

What is BPM?

Best Practice for Ministry (BPM) is a 2.5 day conference hosted by Christ Church Lutheran in Phoenix, AZ. 


It is open to all LCMS members and it is free to attend.  They offer over 250 classes in a far ranging variety of topics - Apologetics, Bible Study, Church Growth, Youth Ministry, Older Adult Ministry, Outreach, Worship, Missions, Witnessing, and many other areas. 


The presenters are ordained clergy, Church workers and lay people that volunteer their time to share their knowledge and expertise.